Strainers - 'T', 'Y' & Conical Type, Basket Strainers/ Filters Simplex/Duplex,Filters -Cartridge & Candle Type

    Mr. Chander Bhalla


    Key Responsibilities:Chief Monitor and in-charge of overall company strategy and direction

    Relevant Experience / Associations:45 years with Grand Prix 13 years with Burgess-Manning UK

Filter Separators,Coalescers

    Mr. Amrish Kumar Sharma

    Designatation:Works Manager

    Key Responsibilities:Overseas all operation of the Company

    Relevant Experience / Associations:6 Month 29 years with Unitech , ISGEC Total 29 years 6 months

Scrubbers/ KO Drums,Silencers

    Mr. Vishal Kumar

    Designatation:Manager Contracts

    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for execution of orders & Customer interface

    Relevant Experience / Associations:5 years with Grand Prix 25 years with Meenakshi, ISGEC Over all 13 years

 Gas Conditioning Skids , Indirect Gas Fired Water Bath Heaters

    Mr. Manoj Kumar

    Designatation:Director (Finance & Accounts)

    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for overall financial facts of the Company

    Relevant Experience / Associations:31 years with Grand Prix

Pressure VesselsĀ & Tanks

    Mr. S.C. Sharma

    Designatation:Sr. Manager-Proposals

    Key Responsibilities:Heading Design & Engineering Process Design & Proposals

    Relevant Experience / Associations:31 years with Grand Prix

2-Phase & 3- Phase Separators

    Mr. S.P. Chaudhry


    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for all Purchasing activities & Vendor Development

    Relevant Experience / Associations:29 years with Grand Prix 4 years with Frick India

Skid System - Chemical Injection, Amine Filtration

    Mr. Anant Ram

    Designatation:Manager-Quality Assurance

    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for all QA activities

    Relevant Experience / Associations:22 years with Grand Prix 1 year Meenakshi Associates

Heat Exchangers - Shell & Tube Type

    Mr. M.R. Monga

    Designatation:Manager-HR & Administration

    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for HRD & Logistics

    Relevant Experience / Associations:32 years with Grand Prix 56 years overall

Pig Launcher & Receivers

    Mr. Chirag Vij

    Designatation:Sales & Marketing

    Key Responsibilities:Responsible for Sales, Marketing and New Business Development

    Relevant Experience / Associations:11 Years with Grand Prix

Fuel Gas Treatment & Metering

    Mr. Gaurav Pandey

    Designatation:Design & Engineering

    Key Responsibilities:Design & Engineering of Static Equipment and approval from clients

    Relevant Experience / Associations:4 year with Grand Prix 1 years with Meenakshi Associates 5 years with Multitex

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